In what cases do you need a tow truck?

Experienced drivers know that sometimes the road can bring surprises, and these surprises are not always pleasant. With minor car breakdowns, you can try to drive to a car service on your own or fix the problem yourself. But it is far from always possible to fix a car malfunction without assistance. In case of serious breakdowns, as well as accidents, you often have to order a tow truck.

Even if the driver carefully monitors his car, regularly passes inspection, changes worn parts in time, engine oil and other consumables, listens to the sound of the engine, this does not always save him from breakdowns.

The main sign that the car needs to be evacuated is the lack of the ability to drive a car. As a rule, you cannot drive a car yourself if:

  • there was a serious accident;
  • in the cold season, fuel (diesel) froze;
  • the wheel is punctured, but there is no spare wheel (in such cases, you can use the mobile tire service);
  • problems with the chassis;
  • motor breakdown;
  • various malfunctions in cars with an automatic transmission (such cars cannot be towed);
  • in the dark, the electrician failed, the headlights, side lights stopped working.

The list shows only the most common damage, in which you can not do without a tow truck.

a tow truck

How to understand that a tow truck driver is a professional?

1. Firstly, a large company providing tow truck services necessarily guarantees that nothing will happen to it when loading and transporting a vehicle. Of course, this does not mean that the company will provide you with a full summary of all employees. And if it does, it’s unlikely that you will find the personal phone number and the driver’s home address there, because each employee decides by himself  which information to provide. Just like you once were thinking should i put my full address on my resume before you get employed. And the answer is not always positive, so do not expect that you can personally select the driver.

But if any troubles happened during transportation, then all repair costs will be paid at the expense of the company. Therefore, if you are looking for a tow truck online, pay attention to the size of the fleet of the technical assistance you have chosen.

2. Secondly, when lifting a vehicle to a platform, a professional employee of an evacuation company must adhere to the following rules:

  • The car is loaded on the platform in the absence of passengers.
  • The mass of the transported car should not exceed the declared carrying capacity of the tow truck.
  • The transported vehicle must be firmly fixed. If you follow the above recommendations when choosing a tow truck, you can quickly and relatively inexpensively deliver a car to the place you need.

How to choose the right tow truck?

Some drivers complain about the high cost of tow trucks. Most often, people overpay for the service of delivering a car to a service due to the fact that they incorrectly choose car assistance or contact the company with a small fleet of evacuation vehicles. For each type of vehicle there are special tow trucks. In most cases, they use evacuation equipment for cars, motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and snowmobiles, minivans and SUVs, vans, trucks and special vehicles, luxury vehicles with low ground clearance, special vehicles with a crane and a retractable platform for transporting two vehicles .

The cost of the vehicle delivery service to the car service will depend on the correct choice of a car tow truck and a car assistance service provider. So, for example, when ordering a tow truck, you should not just choose the first number of car assistance from the list, but cooperate with a trusted company. If you deal with a large company, in the fleet of which there are many tow trucks, transporting the car to the place of repair will cost the driver relatively inexpensive. Large auto-assistance firms are lowering prices for their services due to the large number of orders and the availability of duty cars in all parts of the city.

For professionals, the brand and carrying capacity of your car does not matter. When calling a tow truck, you just need to name the brand of your car, and the service operator will quickly select the appropriate type of tow truck. But in addition, you will still need to describe the nature of the breakdown and your location so that you can correctly calculate the capabilities of the tow truck. Each tow truck model in the company’s fleet is equipped with the latest technology, which allows you to work with any type of car, even if it is badly damaged.

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